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Project Whitefish Kids

A Montana-based nonprofit corporation dedicated to youth sports.
PWK built and maintain the entire Smith Fields Sports Complex.




Project Whitefish Kids relies on your generous donations to keep providing a safe, beautiful place for kids to grow and play. If you're interested in donating to our cause, click here!

Great Fish Community Challenge

Be a part of something great! Help support Project Whitefish Kids through the Great Fish Community Challenge this year.


For current fields conditions at the Smith Fields Youth Sports Complex, click here.



Donate to PWK through the GREAT FISH Community Challenge

100% of your donation designated to Project Whitefish Kids (PWK) during the Great Fish Community Challenge will be used for field maintenance, safety improvements, infrastructure and park additions to ensure our kids play in a safe and family-oriented environment. The beauty of the Great Fish Challenge is that the Whitefish Community Foundation will maximize your donation with a percentage match on the first $15,000 we raise. Last year the match was 53%, so for every dollar donated, $1.53 came directly to PWK to improve our park. With your help we were able to raise $61,541 during last year’s Challenge!

PWK receives absolutely no funds or maintenance staffing from the City of Whitefish, so the park relies entirely on community support. Every donation regardless of the size will have a positive impact on our park, so we appreciate and thank you for every gift!


Our Clubs

Flathead Lacrosse

Fielding boys and co-ed teams, the Flathead Lacrosse Club carries on the tradition of what many consider America’s first sport. Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States, and Flathead Lacrosse is proud to offer this game of skill, finesse, speed, agility, and brawn to the children of the Flathead Valley!

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Flathead Rapids

The Flathead Rapids are dedicated to providing our local communities with high-quality soccer programs that focus on player development as well as personal growth. The Rapids look to create an environment that helps foster young players’ physical, mental, and social growth, ultimately creating great athletes and great citizens.

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Whitefish Cal Ripken Baseball

Bringing America’s pastime to the Flathead Valley, the Whitefish Cal Ripken league fields T-ball, as well as rookie, minor, and major leagues. Whether your kid is new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, Cal Ripken baseball can accommodate. The club provides kids the opportunity to develop skills, cultivate sportsmanship, learn healthy habits, and have fun!

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Whitefish Softball Association

The Whitefish Softball Association proudly brings softball to the children of the Flathead Valley, offering unique opportunities for young softball players to grow and thrive—while having fun! Whitefish Softball Association knows how crucial it is to learn physical health, social skills, teamwork, and leadership, and they are pleased to offer all this through softball.

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Upcoming Events....


Project Whitefish Kids was recently contacted by the Whitefish Chamber of Commerce.  They requested use of the Sports Park for their annual Oktoberfest celebration. The reason for this request was that their normal venue, Depot Park, is closed this fall due to construction projects. Smith Sports Park has the space and parking needs to hold this event.

This event is a very positive event for the Whitefish Community as several nonprofits are able to make money working the event, it brings business into our community, it obviously is a big help for The Chamber’s finical needs, and it’s just a good fun celebration for the citizens of Whitefish.

With this in mind the PWK board voted unanimously to proceed forward with pursuing this request. We have completed all the steps with legalities, insurances, logistics, etc. This was presented to the Whitefish City Council and was unanimously approved. The event will take place the last week end of September and the first week end of October.


Project Whitefish Kids supports helping out other nonprofits with use of our facility and have done so several times in the past.
We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy this family event this Fall.


Current Projects

Playground & Pavilion

The playground upgrade at Smith Fields is PWK's major undertaking of 2017 and 2018. While this project represents a sizable capital investment, this highly utilized area of the complex provides 450 families in the south end of Whitefish with their only neighborhood park, and it serves our athletes, their siblings, parents, and grandparents.

Reviving our Turf

Upkeep and maintenance of Smith Fields is our biggest job.  Great Fish Challenge funds enabled us to purchase an aerator, plug pulverizer, and tractor to begin intensive turf restoration.  This equipment, and added staff at the fields will help us return our grass to the lush, pristine turf needed to keep our kids playing fun and playing safe.

Field Resurfacing

Soccer and lacrosse fields number 4 is currently in need of resurfacing.  Thisis one of the large projects PWK must look to tackle in the next few years.  These kinds of necessary updates are made possible through your generoush donations!

Contact info:

Project Whitefish Kids
P.O. Box 2010
Whitefish, MT 59937