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Montana Lacrosse Mission Statement:

To unify, promote, and provide programs and services to the many aspects of men's and women's lacrosse in Montana. To serve as a conduit to the national headquarters of US Lacrosse.

The chapter will achieve this mission by:

  • Serving as a geographic focal point for the education and development of lacrosse, and bringing lacrosse programs & services to members in our jurisdiction.
  • Actively and consistently communicate to chapter members.
  • Serving as the unbiased, umbrella support organization for responsible growth of lacrosse in our area.
  • Honoring players, coaches, and officials whose skill and conduct on the field and in their and professional lives inspire in the youth of the nation a high regard for the game of lacrosse.
  • Regularly interacting with other chapter areas in the areas of lacrosse promotion, expansion, preservation, information, education and networking.


rapidsFlathead Rapids

The goal is to keep refining and developing our programs/organization to give our players the best opportunities we can.  We not only want to continue to develop and grow our players and staff, but help cultivate and enhance the local soccer community.

The club depends on volunteers and fundraising to remain sustainable and continue our journey to create a sustainable adn progressive soccer club.  At the end of it all, the rapids are family.

From the first player at age 5 to the 60 year old veteran, we are all rapids and we hope to provide the most exciting and progressive club for generations to come.


Whitefish Cal Ripken Baseball

The Whitefish Cal Ripken Baseball League offers a safe and fun environment that promotes a positive introduction to learning about and participating in team sports, developing fundamental skills, cultivating sportsmanship, and, most importantly, having fun!


Whitefish Softball Association

Through team sports, the Whitefish Softball Association focuses on providing a safe, fun place for our kids to develop as players—and people.

The goal of the Whitefish Softball Association is threefold:

  • Help kids improve their technical softball skills and knowledge of the game.
  • Provide an environment that fosters confidence and leadership skills during formative years for young children.
  • Emphasize the value of a healthy physical, mental, and social life through hard work, teamwork, and exercise.

Sound interesting?

Come join the Whitefish Softball Association today!

Contact info:

Project Whitefish Kids
P.O. Box 2010
Whitefish, MT 59937