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Fundraising Efforts...

Currently the turf conditions on the Smith Fields are spongy, clumpy and bumpy. Also, the grass is not responsive to irrigation and fertilizer. The reason for this is there is severe thatch build up below the grass surface. The primary reason for this problem is not enough top soil and soil amendments were applied prior to planting the grass during the construction phase of the park. Therefore, the subsoil is primarily clay. Because of this there is insufficient microbe activity in the soil to break down the thatch.

We have been attempting to mitigate this problem over the past 2 years with an aggressive
aeration program. There has been limited success but not to the degree hoped. Therefore, we need to increase our efforts to improve soil microbes by applying top dressing to the turf after aeration.

Obviously, this requires a top dressing implement and the necessary soils/amendments to
apply. This is the thrust of our fund-raising effort during this year’s Great Fish Challenge, to purchase a TOP DRESSER AND APPROPRIATE SOIL AMMENDMENTS.
A more uniform turf means a safer and more consistent playing surface for kids participating in the soccer, La Crosse, soft ball and baseball programs, or families enjoying a weekend picnic and pick-up games at the park.

We thank everyone for their past and continued support of the Smith Complex and all of its programs.



How We Fund-raise

Every dollar earned through fundraising goes directly to park maintenance, including hired labor, utilities, and all tools for maintenance and upkeep (tractors, mowers, aerators, hand tools, and so on).

Our efforts revolve around six main funraising everns:

  • Annual Project Whitefish auction (held the first Wednesday every May).
  • Player fees, in the amount of $35 per player, per sport, per season.
  • Special events, such as Whitefish Summer Games.
  • Private donations.
  • Great Fish Community Challenge, aided by the Whitefish Community Foundation's percentage match of funds raised.

PWK also depends on our wonderful, dedicated volunteers, without whom we couldn't do what we do.  If you're interested in learning more about how you can help, contact us today!


Contact info:

Project Whitefish Kids
P.O. Box 2010
Whitefish, MT 59937